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Hearing Our Purpose On Purpose
31 Day Devotional

I was inspired to write this book to share my experiences of insecurity, rejection, unforgiveness and hopelessness etc. My heart is to encourage others, in hopes of helping them overcome similar encounters. I know what it’s like to not love yourself and to be filled with hurt and bitterness. So overwhelmed with life that it seemed pointless.

Thank you Jesus, I now know who I am and that I have a purpose. I also know who God has been and will always be in my life. Through every bad experience I’ve had in life, God brought me through each of them. It was Him who helped me not give up and know that greater is coming.

My prayer is that you will realize who you are that God created you to be. Know that God is your healer and the only one who can take away all the hurt and anger. Remember, just because we go through challenges in life doesn’t mean God doesn’t love us. We serve an awesome God, one who sees all and knows all and He has a great plan for our lives.

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